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13 December 2013




Have you grabbed your piece of China?

China is the factory of the world. A major chunk of every manufactured item that is being used today - either fully or partly is Made in China. China is able to manufacture almost every item at a fraction of the cost as compared to America. The economics of scale, favorable government policies, low cost of labor etc. has made this possible. 
We have compiled the largest China Business Directory covering the entire manufacturing sector of China. The database contains details of more than 500,000 manufacturers dealing in millions of different products. 

Industries covered in the China business directory are (but not limited to)

Electronics, Computers and  accessories 
Ceramics, Leather, Foam Products 
Oil Industry 
Fashion  Accessories 
Watches  &  clocks 
Gifts and  premium  goods 
Auto  parts  &  Accessories 
Lighting  &  Electrical  Goods 
Telecommunication equipment  including Telephones, Wire less equipment, Mobile Phones &  accessories 
Food & Beverages 
Furniture & Decor 
Security and Safety equipment &  Accessories
House hold goods & AS ON  TV  Goods
Home appliances, white  goods &  Decor
Industrial  Machinery & Supplies 
Kitchen & Tableware 
Stationary & Office products 
Sports goods & Outdoor products 
Toys, Games  & Hobbies 
Personnel  car  items 
Textiles, clothing and Fabric 
and much more........... 

The business Database is available in six categories. The details would include

  • Name of the company and the product range 
  • Physical address in China 
  • Telephone number/Fax number/ contact person's name
  • Brief background of the company 
These are the data that are not available on the internet or any search engine but has been collected directly by us. What we usually get on searching in the internet are trading and marketing companies in China. They have prominent internet presence with well maintained web sites. But these companies in turn source their products from the actual manufacturers in China - which are the companies we list in our directory. These trading and marketing companies in China then add their own mark up which is really huge. There are millions of such companies in China. Our list will not contain their details. These can be searched for on any search engine like Google.

Our directory has complete details of the actual manufacturers in China who would be selling the products at a fraction of the price that is normally paid anywhere else. Drop shippers and wholesalers buy from these manufacturers. The marts and other retail outlets source their goods from these manufacturers. These manufacturers in China are mass producers turning out millions of items. They are eagerly waiting for you to contact them. All of them can communicate in English and would respond to your business queries immediately. 

This entire China business directory can be instantly downloaded and used. Within 20 minutes you will be able to access the entire manufacturing sector of China from your computer. The procedure of downloading and using our directory is so simple that anyone could do it. Step by step instruction will be given. If you are already seeing this page then you will be able to access and work with our database very easily. We will always be available. We will provide all the assistance and information within 24 hours of your query.

The Chinese are extremely friendly, mild mannered and amiable people. It is always a pleasure working with them. English will be the language of communication for all overseas business purpose. The principal aim of our organization is to help original manufacturers in China and importers overseas cut middlemen/intermediaries and cut costs.

Immediately on ordering you will be able to download the database. The directory will have physical address, phone number, fax number and  detailed product portfolio of the company. Email/website address will not be given in all cases. 

The Directory was last updated on April 2, 2015. Any updates will be free for your lifelong. 

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Directory of more than 50,000 companies in the field of automobile, motor and machinery Industry. 
Total file size: 12 MB 
Download Size (3.5 MB Zipped )


Directory of more than 55,000 companies in the field of shoes, watch, bags, toys and sports industry. 
Total file size : 9  MB 
Download Size : 2.5 MB (Zipped )


Directory of more than 70,000 companies in the field of textiles, clothes, fabrics, garments and  fashion  industry
Total file size : 15  MB 
Download Size : 3.8 MB (Zipped )


Directory of more  than 55,000  companies  in  the  field  of  electrical, electronics, computers and digital entertainment industry.
Total file size: 7  MB 
Download Size : 1.8 MB (Zipped )


Directory of more than 75,000 companies in the field of furniture, decor, household  appliances, toys, arts, jewelry, office stationary, security, Crafts  Industry etc.
Total file size : 9  MB 
Download Size : 2.1 MB 


Directory of more than 90,000 companies in the field of chemicals, plastics, ceramics, metals, oil industry, foam products and leather industry.
Total file size : 14  MB 
Download Size : 5.3 MB 


All the above 6 directories   U.S.$9/- INSTANT DOWNLOAD
All future updates will be free lifelong.


Please mail us at for any information. 


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